Dual P Plus

Dual P Plus

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Voltage: 230 V
Power: 2x1750 W
Motor: By-Pass
Turbines: 2x2
Airflow: 450 m3/h
Airwatts: 1280 W
Waterlift: 3000 mm/H2O
Height: 1020 mm
Diameter: 420 mm
Tank Capacity: 40 l
Furthest Inlet: 80 m
Inlet Valves: 20/22
Noise: 68 db
Warranty: 3 Years

Download the complete user manual in pdf format

These Central Vacuums are designated for domestic use only. They are designed exclusively for vacuuming
dust and small particles of debris. It cannnot be used to vacuum liquids, ash particles, fabrics or anything
else that may cause blockages or damage to the pipe and/or the central vacuum unit. Other examples
of products that cannot be vacuumed are water, plaster, cement, gravel etc.

● Disconnect the main power supply before carrying out any work on the central vacuum unit or if the unit
is inactive for a long period of time.
● The unit must be installed only by a qualified technician or installer in a location where there is a central
vacuum system.
● The central vacuum power unit must be installed in an area where it is protected from weather, moistness
or variations in temperature and also needs to be well ventilated. The inlets and outlets on the power
unit must not be covered or blocked during operation as this may cause the motor to burn out.
● The unit is suitable for operation by persons over the age of 8. Children should not play with the appliance.
● Cleaning and maintenance should not be performed by children without supervision.
● The supplied power cord must be connected both to the unit by the IEC socket and to a power socket
with earthing contact. If the supply cord is damaged it must be replaced by a technician in order to avoid
danger to your person.

Step 1 - Install the plate (A) into the wall using screws in the 4 corners. First, mark and drill the wall according
to the drill holes in the plate. The centre should be about 1 meter from the ground.
Step 2 - Hang the machine by the support hooks (B) in the wall bracket already installed (ensure support
hooks are pointing upwards).
Step 3 - Connect the suction pipe to the unit air entry (3) (use flexible hose connector).
Step 4 – Connect the electrical cables (2) to the central vacuum system. These cables are low voltage, so
do not cause electric shocks. Connect the central vacuum unit to the main power supply (1).
Step 5 – For CONFORT, PRESTIGE and PLUS models, place the dust bag provided with the unit into the
bucket attached to the air entry.


To operate, the unit must be connected to the central vacuum system pipe network and to the electricity
The unit starts when a STANDARD hose is attached to the central vacuum system or when when the ON
function in an ON/OFF hose is activated. Note that the ON/OFF hose terminal should always be conected
to the inlets so as to make contact with the metal pins in the inlet.
In PRESTIGE and PLUS models, the motor power of the unit changes in direct relation to the power selected
on the power control hose handle.


 Your central vacuum unit should be checked once a month. You should check the filter and make sure that it is clean and not blocked as this may cause a loss in suction power and may even cause damage to some of its electrical components.


Dust bag collector  (3) (When applicable) - The bag should be checked monthly. If it is full, it needs to be replaced by a new one. Replace it immediately when it appears to be in poor condition or damaged.


The HEPA Filter (1), is an advanced antibacterial polyester filter which is washable and can be re-used. For
average use it is advisable to check and clean the filter once or twice a month. For more intense use it
should be checked more regularly to avoid clogging up the filter. If the filter is dirty, it can be removed by
loosening the locking screw (4) and washed with cold tap water. The filter must be completely dry before
placing back on the central vacuum cleaner.
Bag adaptor (2) and Dust Bag Collector (3) (When applicable), should be checked monthly. If it is full,
then it needs to be replaced by a new one. Replace it immediately when it appears to be in poor condition
or damaged. You should keep the bag adaptor (2) for future use.


Our central vacuum systems are developed, produced and manufactured in conformity with european standards and under CE regulations.
EN55014-1 Electromagnetic compatibility. Requirements for household appliances, electric tools and similar apparatus.
EN61000-3-2 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Limits for harmonic current emissions (equipment input current ≤ 16A per phase).
EN60335-2-2 Household and similar electrical appliances. Safety. Particular requirements for vacuum cleaners and water-suction cleaning appliances.
EN61000-3-3 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Limits. Limitation of voltage changes, voltage fluctuations and flicker in public low-voltage supply systems, for equipment with current ≤16A per phase and not subject to conditional connection.


1 - FILTER - Dirty Filter Warning. This LED will turn RED after 30 hours for filter and bag revision;
2 - SERVICE - Usage Time Warning. This LED will turn RED when your unit overcomes 500 hours of use. You will need to perform a special reset by a qualified technician;
3 - RESET - Cancel Warnings. Press this button for 5 seconds to remove the leds warnings. Except light service;
4 - TEMP. -Temperature Warning. This LED will turn RED when your unit, in operation, achieves the approximate temperature of 75º C;
5 - ON - Operating LED. This LED will be RED when the unit
is on stand-by and will turn GREEN when operating.